With your prompt-it® teleprompter, you will improve your delivery to camera – no doubt about that. But here are some tips on how you can make your performance even better.

Why is my script hard to read?

Scripts need to be written so they are easily spoken. Simplify and write as though you are speaking the script. Don’t write “it is”, write “it’s”. Don’t write “My name is Richard”, write “I’m Richard,” as though you are speaking it!

Don’t forget to breathe.

Yes, write your text so there are plenty of breathing options. Long sentences without breathing spaces will simply make it hard to speak out loud.

I sound stale (like I am reading).

You are reading, there are no two ways about it. You need to be familiar with your script. Read it a couple of times before starting to record. A teleprompter is supposed to “prompt” you. Sell your script and talk with passion about it!

Should I practise my script first?

Yes, of course! Practise a few times out loud before you go “live”. When reading out loud, it will become clear where the difficult words are. Change them, move sentences around, switch the words up – make it easier for yourself!

Is my posture okay?

It’s important to avoid moving, rocking or swaying your body. If standing, place one foot slightly forward to stay still. Use your hands when talking to appear more natural. Before filming, stretch and move your body around to reduce fidgeting.

I hate seeing and hearing myself.

The first thing you will confront when you watch your video is vanity. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Professional presenters cast a constructive eye on their performance. The key is to look for improvements in your mannerisms and habits.

What is the best speed for text scrolling?

That depends on you and/or the script. Remember to give your audience time to “digest” what you are saying. Mark your full stops (take a breath at that point). If you think you are speaking too slowly, then you are probably at the correct speed. Adjust the text size and speed so it is “about right”. After that, simply correct the speed as you talk. Get a friend or colleague to adjust the speed with the remote as you speak.