What devices can I use with the prompt-it® maxi?2019-05-03T17:06:55+10:00

The Prompt-it Maxi holds smartphones and tablets up to 26cm x 19cm in its tray. It can be used with the iPad Pro 9.7″, iPad 4, iPad3, iPad2, iPad Retina, iPad mini, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2 7″, iPhone, iPod touch and many more.

The Maxi is NOT compatible with iPad Pro 12.9″ which is larger than the tray.

Do I really need this special glass?2017-07-28T11:43:00+10:00

Yes, the thin film optical coating provides the reflective surface for the script. Also, ordinary glass has a green tint which will affect all your footage. The beamsplitter glass is colour-neutral.

In what way is the prompt-it® maxi beamsplitter glass special?2017-07-28T11:42:16+10:00

The glass used with prompt-it®maxi has dual view with reflection and transmission of light. 70% light transmission and 30% reflection (70T/30R). It has an optical thin-film coating on one side that reflects and transmits light waves that fall upon it at a specific ratio. prompt-it®maxi beamsplitter glass is high quality and true-to-source colour of both reflected and transmitted light. prompt-it®maxi beamsplitter glass is also specially designed both for interior and exterior applications. The process to create this special glass is complicated and time-consuming, therefore it is expensive and should be treated with care (like your camera lens).

Why is the glass portrait, not landscape, like other teleprompters?2017-07-28T11:41:00+10:00

The results are better. You can stand closer to the teleprompter and your audience will not see your eyes moving so much from left to right. The glass is also more portable, lighter, stronger and less expensive (as there is less glass). This cost saving is passed onto you!

Which side of the glass faces the camera?2017-07-28T11:39:50+10:00

A simple reflection test on the glass will indicate which side faces the camera and which side faces the presenter. Put your fingernail against the bottom of the beamsplitter glass. If there is a gap between your nail and the reflection (about 3mm) of your nail, then that side faces the camera. If you turn the glass around and do the same process, then your fingernail should be right against the reflection (no gap); this side faces the presenter.

The text on my glass is doubling up, what’s wrong?2017-07-28T11:26:42+10:00

If you are standing very close (within 50cm to 1m of the glass), and your tablet brightness is set to maximum, you will see slight ghosting. This is normal. Decrease the brightness of your tablet and step back to a reasonable distance (approx. 2m) and the ghosting will no longer be visible. If the doubling of the text is still really visible, then you may have the glass set up the wrong way around.

How do I take care of my beamsplitter glass?2017-08-22T09:45:55+10:00

Your prompt-it® maxi comes with a beamsplitter glass cleaning kit. To ensure your beamsplitter glass stays clear, it will need to be carefully and regularly cleaned.

  • NEVER use ammonia-based cleaning agents, strong alkalis, acids, detergents with fluoride or solvents on your glass as they can damage the special coating.
  • Always use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe any spots.
  • Keep the glass spot-free & dry. Spots will stain the special coating. If any liquid falls on the glass, clean it off immediately. Otherwise you will end up with dirty circles on your glass.
  • Clean the glass after every use. This ensures it stays clean and free of stains.
  • Don’t handle with greasy or dirty fingers.

Always keep the beamsplitter glass in a dry and UV-protected environment. We strongly recommend you keep the beamsplitter glass in the supplied black protective sleeve whenever it is not in use. It is not recommended to put any kind of stickers on the beamsplitter glass because you can damage the coating when removing the sticker.

How do I clean my beamsplitter glass?2017-07-28T11:44:43+10:00
  1. Place it on a soft surface. You can use the glare cover provided in the prompt-it®maxi kit.
  2. Take the ammonia-free spray bottle from the cleaning kit and spray once or twice on the beamsplitter glass. Using the squeegee, push backwards and forwards, up and down the glass to clean it. Make sure that the surface is completely dry before cleaning the other side of the glass.
  3. Lay the black beamsplitter glass sleeve next to the beamsplitter glass and slide the beamsplitter glass back in the sleeve, carefully, without putting fingerprints back on the glass.
The glass dropped and broke. What now?2018-11-29T10:03:06+11:00

Good News! We sell replacement glass, just click the link to place an order Replacement Glass.

How do I set up the rig system?2017-07-28T11:14:51+10:00

IMPORTANT: The tripod head must be able to withstand the total weight of the rig, camera, prompt-it®maxi and tablet/device. If the tripod cannot handle the weight, it may break or collapse. To avoid breakage to your equipment, ensure you’ve got the right tripod before mounting the rig, camera and prompt-it®maxi components.

Mounting the LanParte rig on your tripod:

  • Below the LanParte rig are 3 screw threads. The one in the middle is a 1/4” screw thread, which is also the commonly used thread to fit most consumer tripods. Screw the quick release plate of the tripod onto the base of the LanParte rig.
  • Place the rig on the tripod to secure it.
  • Take the double clamp and secure the top on either end of the double rods.

Preparing the prompt-it®maxi base:

  • Screw the single clamp onto the base of the prompt-it®maxi.
  • Take the extra rods and secure them in the single clamp. Make sure that the rods stick out in the back of the prompt-it®maxi base.

Putting it all together:

  • Secure the double rods attached onto the prompt-it®maxi base into bottom of the double clamp attached onto the rig.
  • Mount the camera on top of the rig, using the quick release plate attached on the rig.
  • Assemble the prompt-it®maxi as instructed in the manual.

You will need to adjust the rig based on the camera size. The LanParte rig has many adjustable components that move up and down, back and forth to accommodate.

Should I use a rig kit or not?2017-07-28T10:47:38+10:00

Setting up a teleprompter on the same tripod as the camera can be fiddly; it means you have to buy an expensive tripod that can hold the weight of a camera as well as a teleprompter. You can have the prompt-it®maxi set up and ready to go on its separate tripod – all you need to do is place the camera behind it. Unless the presenter will be moving around during their presentation, we do NOT recommend putting prompt-it®maxi and the camera on the same tripod.

Do I need to install an app on my device before using it with the prompt-it® maxi?2017-08-09T10:40:15+10:00

Yes. The text will reflect off the Beamsplitter Glass, so it needs to be “reversed”. An app will reverse the text for you, allowing you to read the script while it’s scrolling down.

Does the prompt-it® maxi teleprompter include an app?2017-08-18T12:08:02+10:00

No, it doesn’t. We’ve specialised in the hardware.

Does prompt it® offer support for third party software?2020-08-24T10:27:01+10:00

No, we do not. However familiar we are with the Teleprompter Premium app, we are not the makers of the software. We have a lot of experience using this app and are comfortable sharing our knowledge of the software, but we recommend contacting Teleprompter Premium app developers for further questions.

What app do you recommend for Android Devices?2020-08-24T10:28:57+10:00

There are plenty of apps out there. The ones we love are:

There are many other apps, so take some time and test them out. Let us know if you come across any new apps or hidden gems we haven’t seen yet :)

What app do you recommend for Apple Devices (e.g. iPad)?2020-08-24T10:25:21+10:00

We recommend Teleprompter Premium.

Although there are many great apps available on the App Store, Teleprompter Premium is the one we use and love. It is reliable and effective. You can remote control the iPad from a second iPad or iPhone, control text size, speed, start/stop, etc.

Can I remote control the text on the teleprompter?2020-08-24T10:24:49+10:00

It depends on the third party app you are using.
If you are using Teleprompter Premium, then yes. You can link the two devices, typically iPad and iPhone, via bluetooth or wifi. You can remotely control the text speed, size, upload scripts, etc.

Must I type my script using my iPad or can I import it?2020-08-24T10:24:03+10:00

It depends on the third party software you are using.

If you are using an app that does not support importing scripts, you can always copy and paste from an email you sent to yourself into the third party software.

Does the prompt-it® maxi kit ship with a tripod?2017-07-28T10:05:49+10:00

No, we do not sell or ship tripods.

Is there a particular tripod you recommend?2017-07-28T10:04:34+10:00

There are so many different tripods at different price points. We recommend a tripod that will allow you to reach chin height of the person who is talking to the camera, if they are standing up. A light stand is also another affordable solution.

Can the prompt-it® maxi be on the same tripod as the camera?2017-08-22T09:47:47+10:00

Yes, but you will need a “rig” setup. If you did not purchase the bundle, you can still purchase the rig at prompt-it.com.au. We sell LanParte and their rig is excellent. If you currently have a rig system, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions before mounting the prompt-it® maxi on the rig.

What is the glare cover for?2017-07-28T09:59:34+10:00

Without the glare cover, all lights (ceiling, studio lights, etc.) will show reflections on the beamsplitter glass and your video will look bad. The glare cover prevents these reflections.

Two glare cover positions… why?2017-07-28T10:01:23+10:00

Once the glare cover is fitted to the top of the beamsplitter glass, there are two options for hooking the elastic ties: (1) at the rear of the base or (2) under the base. Hooking the ties under the base will reduce glare if you are outdoors in full sunlight as it creates two “walls” on either side of the base.

Why doesn’t the glare cover have a special elastic to tighten over the lens?2017-08-22T09:48:48+10:00

Because not all lenses are created equal. With prompt-it® maxi‘s glare cover, you can simply drape it over your camera (even put your head under the cover if you are using a small camera like a GoPro). If you want a tighter fit, use a clip such as a binder clip or a clothes peg and clip the cover tightly around your camera lens. It’s easy, fast to set up and works with EVERY camera, regardless of your lens.

What is the pocket on the top of the glare cover for?2017-08-07T11:12:41+10:00

The large pocket on top of the glare cover can hold a rigid piece of cardboard or thin plastic (not included) to eliminate any drooping of the glare cover in front of the lens.

I have a matte box with barn doors on my camera, will it fit?2017-08-22T09:49:58+10:00

Yes, prompt-it® maxi‘s glare cover simply drapes over the lens or the camera. There are no fiddly or annoying ties to fit around your lens. Simply use a clip such as a binder clip or a clothes peg to get a tighter fit. Professional TV camera operators have congratulated us on the simplicity of the design. It’s fast and easy to set up and works on any lens size.

How much is shipping?2017-07-28T09:39:58+10:00

Please refer to the shipping calculator to determine your estimated shipping cost.

Domestic shipments are sent via Australia Post, Toll Ground and DHL Express. Prices vary.

We use various carriers for International shipments. Prices vary.

Who is responsible for duties and taxes for customers outside of Australia?2017-07-31T11:09:55+10:00

The recipient of the order will be responsible for duties and taxes. We do not know nor can we predict how much the customs/border control will charge for duties or import tax.

How long will it take to send within Australia?2017-07-31T11:08:06+10:00

Most orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days and should arrive within 1-2 business days after shipping if you are located in the METRO area. For countryside/remote areas, it will vary depending on the courier chosen.

How long will it take to send to my country (outside of Australia)?2017-07-28T09:26:45+10:00

Most orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days. Shipping ETA is dependant on the courier and customs. A tracking number will always be provided for status updates on the shipment.

Do you always use DHL or TNT?2017-07-28T09:24:31+10:00

No, we reserve the right to change carriers. We select our carrier based on the fastest option for the delivery option you have selected.

What happens after I order?2017-07-28T09:23:40+10:00

Normally your order is fulfilled within 1-2 business days. Along the process, you will receive notifications with status updates. If there are any issues or delays, we will notify you via email or phone. We are a small team, so you will be dealing with us directly if you ever need to ask us anything!

What happens if my package is lost or broken?2017-07-28T09:22:16+10:00

Contact us immediately with your inquiry. We will sort things our for you. No worries!

Which cameras will work with prompt-it® maxi?2019-05-03T17:06:27+10:00

Most cameras are compatible with the prompt-it® maxi.

For larger cameras: Use a zoom lens, and zoom in slightly to crop out the edges of the glass.

Popular compatible camera models include:

  • Canon 5D series
  • Canon EOS series
  • Canon GL/X series
  • GoPro Hero all models
  • Ikegami HDS series
  • JVC GY series
  • Nikon DSLRs
  • Olympus DSLRs
  • Panasonic AG/AJ series
  • Panasonic Lumix G series
  • Panasonic camcorders HC-X920M, HC-V720M, HC-V520M, HX-WA30, HX-WA30
  • Pentax K series
  • Sony SRW / DSR / HVR / HXR / PDW / EMW / EX series
  • Sony camcorders HDRPJ790V, HDRPJ430V, HDRPJ230, HDRPJ200, HDRCX220

If you are still unsure about a camera that Is not listed above, please simply contact us.

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