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Professional Teleprompting has never been better!

The perfect companion for the hard working professional producer, videographer, presenter, or on stage presenter. The Prompt-it FLEX teleprompter autocue is a very cool portable teleprompter that will use a tablet such as an iPad as the script scrolling screen. The Prompt-it FLEX teleprompter simplifies the process of delivering your speech or content.

We have designed this Teleprompter with SIMPLE in mind. You will have this setup in 3 minutes, without any tools. The stylish carry case is custom-designed and looks professional, so you will look professional too.

The rig kit is one of our most recent designs, with a Manfrotto base plate (included) which will adapt to 99% of DSLR style cameras, allowing you to quickly align your camera, regardless of the model or lens. The rig kit comes in its own stylish carry bag for your convenience and ease of transport.

And portrait glass orientation is ALWAYS BETTER, for 3 reasons:

  1. Talent can be closer to the camera and you won’t see eye movement (darting left to right)
  2. More text above and below the lens line, allowing better peripheral eye text reading
  3. Glass packs smaller for the same result.

Join the thousands of video professionals and presenters who already use one of the Australian designed and made Prompt-it Teleprompters.

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Multi-Purpose Professional Teleprompter

Yes, the Prompt-it® FLEX can be setup with a camera as well as on stage, in the ‘presidential style’. FLEX is the first teleprompter to offer the 2-in-1 adaptability. Set up FLEX in front of your camera, to record yourself or your actor/talent OR on a stage, in front of a face-to-face audience.

Tablet/screen sizes

You can use tablets/screens up to 30cm length (portrait mode) on the FLEX. So yes, this includes iPad Pro 12.9″ or tablets similar size.

Rig kit included with stylish carry case

The FLEX boasts a custom designed rig kit, suited specifically for the FLEX but with non-proprietary connections such as the Manfrotto base plate (included) and the common 1/4″ screw thread AND 3/8″ screw thread for all consumer, pro-sumer and professional tripods.

Videos to help you understand

Don’t feel bad if you are not quite sure you understand what a teleprompter can do. Yes, it can be daunting. Chances are you have a specific requirements and you don’t really know for sure if a teleprompter can help you out. Watch our videos which will really help you to understand how the FLEX works. Still unsure? Contact us and we can help you out.

Read the full story

Go to this page to read the full story behind the Prompt-it® FLEX Teleprompter

Benefits of using prompt-it® FLEX

  • Comfortable reading even from as far as 10 metres away
  • Beamsplitter glass with silver coating (same as TV studios). Ensures crisp, highly contrasted and readable text
  • Large glass will fit any professional or consumer camera (with a slight zoom in some cases) tested with 17mm prime lens
  • Can be set up on any type of tripod, light stand or mic stand (FLEX fits any stand with a 1/4″ screw)
  • Comes with smart (magnetic) glare cover with smartphone holder
  • Portable – the convenient travel case; makes it easy to transport in your kit
  • Set up in under 2 minutes, no tools (not even a screwdriver)
  • Universal design allows a comfortable fit for larger tablets such as iPad Pro 12.9 and Surface Pro.

Prompt-it® FLEX is exceptional in beamsplitter glass quality and durability. Our specialised production technique means you get better, sturdier, higher-quality glass than other manufacturers. With a thickness of 3mm (most teleprompters in the market come with 2mm thickness or less) the beamsplitter glass has a thin-film optical coating on one side that reflects and transmits light waves that fall upon it at a specific ratio of 70% light transmission and 30% reflection (70T/30R).

Read more about the Prompt-it® FLEX here

Additional information

Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 44.5 × 33.5 × 31.5 cm
Compatible with

The Flex is compatible with tablets with a height up to 31cm, which includes the 12.9‑inch iPad Pro.

In the Box

Travel Case
Beamsplitter Glass
Beamsplitter Glass Protective Sleeve
Glare Cover
Beamsplitter Glass Cleaning Kit

Product weight

The Flex weighs 1.1kg, including the glass, excluding the iPad or tablet.
Note: the above weight of 4kg is the entire package including the carry bag and shipping box.

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