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prompt-it® maxi is unrivalled in beamsplitter glass quality and durability. Our specialised production technique means you get better, sturdier, higher-quality glass than other manufacturers. The beamsplitter glass has a thin-film optical coating on one side that reflects and transmits light waves that fall upon it at a specific ratio of 70% light transmission and 30% reflection (70T/30R).

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The glass used with prompt-it® maxi has dual view with reflection and transmission of light. 70% light transmission and 30% reflection (70T/30R). It has an optical thin-film coating on one side that reflects and transmits light waves that fall upon it at a specific ratio. prompt-it® maxi beamsplitter glass is high quality and true-to-source colour of both reflected and transmitted light. prompt-it® maxi beamsplitter glass is also specially designed both for interior and exterior applications.

  • 300mm x 204mm
  • 1/8″ thick
  • 70% silver coated
  • High Definition [HD]
  • Polished sides

The Beamsplitter Glass is non-refundable. Please ensure this product is what you need before buying.
Beamsplitter Glasses are carefully packed in our customised shipping boxes. Please read our shipping information carefully before purchasing glass from us.

  • Beamsplitter Glass

Beamsplitter Glass

Your prompt-it® maxi comes with a beamsplitter glass cleaning kit. To ensure your beamsplitter glass stays clear, it will need to be carefully and regularly cleaned.

  • NEVER use ammonia-based cleaning agents, strong alkalis, acids, detergents with fluoride or solvents on your glass as they can damage the special coating.
  • Always use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe any spots.
  • Keep the glass spot-free & dry. Spots will stain the special coating. If any liquid falls on the glass, clean it off immediately. Otherwise you will end up with dirty circles on your glass.
  • Clean the glass after every use. This ensures it is clean and doesn’t end up with stains.
  • Don’t handle with greasy or dirty fingers.

Always keep the beamsplitter glass in a dry and UV-protected environment. We strongly recommend you keep the beamsplitter glass in the supplied black protective sleeve whenever it is not in use. It is not recommended to put any kind of stickers on the beamsplitter glass because you can damage the coating when removing the sticker.

Beamsplitter Glass Cleaning Instructions

  1. Place it on a soft surface. You can use the glare cover provided in the prompt-it® maxi kit.
  2. Take the ammonia-free spray bottle from the cleaning kit and spray once or twice on the beamsplitter glass. Using the squeegee, push backwards and forwards, up and down the glass to clean it. Make sure that the surface is completely dry before cleaning the other side of the glass.
  3. Lay the black beamsplitter glass sleeve next to the beamsplitter glass and slide the beamsplitter glass back in the sleeve, carefully, without putting fingerprints back on the glass.

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Dimensions 48 × 34 × 9 cm

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