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Flex teleprompter in camera configuration
Flex Teleprompter in Audience configuration

Introducing Prompt-it® Flex

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We decided that it was about time someone designed a teleprompter that could be set up in front of a camera AND on a stage in front of an audience.

We innovate again, a world first from Prompt-it®

Yes, our world’s first 2-in-1 teleprompter is now in production. We have innovated and created the very first 2-in-1 teleprompter, which allows you to set up in ‘camera’ configuration as well as ‘audience’ configuration, in a matter of seconds. You’re on a stage or in front of a camera, it doesn’t matter. You purchase this teleprompter, and you can do both.

You can pre-order the Prompt-it® Flex  directly from our website, so you are the first in the world to start using this revolutionary teleprompter design.

Where is the production at?

✅ Design done
✅ Moulds are built
✅ Finished sample units received
✅ Testing is done in real environment
✅ Manufacturing/production starting on 5 November 2020

Yes, we have test units at our warehouse which we have been using on our own video productions for the last 3 months. And we love them as they make our production work so much easier!

When will they be ready?

The Prompt-it® Flex teleprompter will be coming off the factory line end of May 2021, and be ready to ship out end of June 2021 for General Release. Pre-order yours and get in line to to use the first two in one teleprompter.