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We have designed 3 great teleprompters for you: MINI, MAXI and FLEX. Take your pick and make sure you check our bundles.

FLEX Teleprompter

Our latest design, we’re in LOVE with FLEX. Set up this Teleprompter in front of a camera or on a stage as a ‘presidential’ teleprompter.

Teleprompter FLEX on a tripod with a camera.

MAXI Teleprompter

The almighty MAXI, designed for simplicity and setup speed, bring MAXI with you on all your productions.

Prompt-it MAXI teleprompter set up on a tripod, with a camera place in the back.

MAXI PRO Teleprompter

For the Pro Cinematographer. High quality 15mm rail rig supports larger cameras. Comes with a spare piece of Beamsplitter Glass.

MINI Teleprompter

Our smallest teleprompter, so cute! Designed for smartphones and DSLR’s, perfect for all vloggers on a budget.

MINI Smartphone Teleprompter


We created great bundles so you don’t have to spend time researching – all done for you! Our bundles work perfectly.

Teleprompter autocue Maxi shown with a RodeLink wireless lapel microphone kit and the Prompt-it rig kit system which includes adaptors and rails.

Join the thousands who haven’t looked back

Professionals in any industry, amateurs and hobbyists – if you are presenting on camera, then prompt-it® maxi teleprompter is key for a better performance. If you are presenting on a stage in front of an audience, the prompt-it® FLEX teleprompter is your perfect stage companion. Our teleprompters are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up.

Join the thousands who haven’t looked back

Professionals in any industry, amateurs and hobbyists – if you are presenting on camera, then our prompt-it® teleprompters are key for a better performance. Our FLEX, MAXI and MINI teleprompters are used by thousands of creators around the world, and are their trusty companion on all their video and stage presentations. Join them!

The prompt-it® advantage

The back of the head of a presenter reading from a teleprompter autocue which shows text on the beamsplitter glass. sitting audience is watching the presenter.

Teleprompters made easy

1. Set up your recording device

Our teleprompters works with most types of cameras including mobile, handycams, DSLR and production cameras.

2. Use a phone or tablet

Check each of our teleprompters’ descriptions to find out which types of tablets or smartphones will fit. The MAXI will fit tablets up to 26cm x 19cm. The FLEX will fit tablets up to 30cm length (portrait mode) which includes the iPad 12.9″. The MINI fits smartphones between 5.6cm and 9cm wide.

3. Download app

There are many teleprompter apps on the market, for iPhones and Android. We have done a review and written our recommendations in our FAQs section on this website.

4. Used by thousands in Australia and worldwide

Don’t just believe us. Check out some of the people that use our teleprompters and love them, as well as our outstanding customer service.
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