Zoom and Team meetings have just become a breeze. This all-in-one bundle allows you to read scripts and keep your eyes on your audience. No more looking down at your notes.

This Tabletop Presenter bundle includes:
  1. The MAXI teleprompter
  2. The smart glare cover
  3. The tabletop presenter rig

Set it up in a few minutes, without any tools. Set up your scrolling app (see our recommended apps), connect your remote (2nd device such as a smartphone), and be ready to impress your audience by keeping your eyes looking at the camera while you deliver your entire script without hesitations.


  1. You cannot display the zoom meeting attendees on your tablet unless you have screen extension app. The iPad on the teleprompter will only display your script for reading.
  2. The Prompt-it MAXI holds iPads or tablets up to 26cm x 19cm (laptops or larger screens/tablets do not fit in the tray of the Prompt-it Maxi)